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Back in Action!

Cause for hiatus?


We all get slammed with it.

(that and I forgot my password to this site for the nth time)

Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to start writing the book that’s been sitting in my head and on my computer (in pieces).  The sad thing is right now, I’m in the phase where I can’t type the story directly onto a computer because frankly, it comes out as crap.  My rough draft is usually whatever I’ve written in the notebooks, and then my subsequent drafts are what come out on the computer.  Another thing that drives me nuts is that it takes forever to type things out.  

I once paid my dear friend Fyrepen $1 for each page she typed out.  She didn’t mind.  I did (and not because I was the one paying).  Turns out I do editing when going from paper to computer.  

But anyway, got one more thing to do for tomorrow.  Almost done reading Phantom of the Opera (first time reading, 2nd time experiencing the story, listened to an audiobook version already), and I’ll give my thoughts on it when I’m finished.  It’ll be interesting.




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