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So I’m back.  Was sick for a while, had to recover from that, and then catch up on the mountain of schoolwork.  On top of that as well was the short story fiction that I’m working on right now as a part of classwork.

I’m waiting for next week however to really get down to business about it because that’s when I’ll have all the time in the world.  But it really needs to be sorted out, especially after today’s (slightly, okay I lied it was very) embarrassing episode involving a lot of unbelievable information in the latest installment.  So that all needs to be sorted out.  And I need to get off my rear and edit some work from last December.  There’s been some demands on the fanfiction spectrum that need to be met, and tomorrow is when that will be done.  (It’s a response to a challenge from Tumblr, but I won’t talk about that much here)

So once school is done for now (and I’m packed to travel again, that’s going to take a while), maybe I can get something worthwhile out.  We’ll see.




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